Daiwa TD-S1102-4RS Team Daiwa TD-S Surf Rod Review

Daiwa TD-S1102-4RS Team Daiwa TD-S Surf Rod Fishing can be very interesting especially when you have the right equipment. One of the most essential things every angler needs is a fishing rod. If you have been looking for the best fishing rod that will not disappoint you then you are the right place. Selecting the best rod can be very tricky considering the many brands one market.

Do not buy the first rod that you come across on the market simply because it looks aesthetically appealing or it is relatively cheap. Have you ever heard about Daiwa TD-S1102-4RS Team Daiwa TD-S Surf Rod? This is the best rod for dragging catfish, bass, bluegill and carp among other species of fish and sea creatures.


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The reel series provides you with the kind of responsiveness that any angler would want from a quality fishing rod. It has high quality spinning reels, thanks to the stainless steel bearing system that accompanies it.

Product features

  • The Polyflour protective coating on the fishing rod makes it highly resistant to the effects of Ultra Violet Rays.
  • The oversized aluminium oxide type of guides adds on the durability of fishing rod. Therefore, you do not have to worry about buying another rod within a few months
  • It comes with a FUJI DPS reel hooded made of stainless steel
  • The HSD graphite blank is very light making it easily portable when fishing in the ocean or sea
  • The 9 feet length of the rod allows you to drag fish with ease from any point

Pros of the product

  • Lightweight hence making it easy to move with it from one point to another
  • Durable, thanks to the stainless steel coating
  • Highly effective and versatile because you can use it to drag different species of fish

Cons of the product

  • Load limitation-The rod breaks when used to drag heavy loads

Customer reviews

Customer 1- Rating 5/5

“If I were to buy another rod then I would still choose this rod. Perfect.”

Customer 2 – 4/5

“The lightweight design, stainless steel coating and ease of using it makes it one of my best rods this year.”

Where can you buy Daiwa TD-S1102-4RS Team Daiwa TD-S Surf Rod?

One of the best places to find this rod is online. We have a number of online stores that stock these rods at pocket friendly prices. Some of the shops offer discounts on their products to enable buyers spend less on the same. It is good to compare prices offered by different online stores before placing an order.

In conclusion, imagine yourself at the ocean or an amazing blue river dragging bluegills with Daiwa TD-S1102-4RS Team Daiwa TD-S Surf Rod. Daiwa has earned popularity for manufacturing the best rods and this is no different. The rod has a protective coat that makes it more durable when compared to the other rods you may have come across. Its lightweight design makes fishing not only easy but also fun.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, Daiwa TD-S1102-4RS Team Daiwa TD-S Surf Rod is the right rod for you. For the best fishing experience, you can buy the rod alongside durable fishing nets from any of the online shops.

We recommend that you head over to Amazon.com and check out this rod, it gives you a great package at a great price and one of the things that you get with this choice is that it will give you super-fast delivery and you will also be able to pick up deals as you will see that they have combo deals quick often.

Although there are better choices then this one you cannot go wrong if you are looking got a great rod that will give you a good price and most of what you need.


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